RLST 2014 Subject Form from Allahabad Bank Regional Level Selection Test

Public Notice Regarding Selling of Application Forms in c/w 13th RLST(AT) 
 List of Designated Bank Branches for Selling of RLST Application Forms 


13th RLST 2014 Subject Form from Allahabad Bank
From and Brochure will be given from Allahabad Bank from 3rd March to 22nd March 2014  for recruitment of Assistant Teacher in HONS/PG scale for class IX-XII by Regional Level Selection Test (RLST).



Delay of WBSSC TET Exam 2014
Source: Bartaman Patrika 01-03-2014

  Last Date of TET Form availability and Form Submission has increased (from 8th March 2014) to 11th March 2014. 

Candidates can fill up WBSSC TET through online.
West Bengal School Service TET Online form fill up 2014:

Application Form for Teacher Eligibility Test

If you are already Filled Up Online Application form want to reprint their Printed Form = entering your Form No. and Date of Birth to reprint your Online Form for TET http://www.westbengalssc.com/wbssc/tetApplication/reprint/

Application Form for Teacher Eligibility Test Important Instruction (Carefully read before applying Online): 

 1. Please refer mode of selection and General Information page Number - 6,7 & 8 of the Brochure.

 2. No candidate will be allowed to submit on line form if he/she has already purchased any form from post office and we have information of all candidates who purchased from from the post offices. In such cases both the forms of the candidate concerned summarily be REJECTED.

 3. Before submitting on line form candidate must ensure that he or she has purchased a Demand Draft of required amount of draft according to his/her category and have to enter the draft number, bank and branch name from which he/ she has purchased the draft. SSC shall verify the the same from the respective bank. Submission of form without draft shall summarily be rejected.

 4. The candidate shall submit the required draft at the address of the WBCSSC by 20th February along with the printed copy of online form, 4 copy of coloured passport size photo and self attested copy of his/her academic qualification.

 5. ln case of submission of draft, documents and other requisite materials after 20th Feb, the application of TET shall be rejected.

Must enclsoe the followings with the Printout of Online Application Form.
  1. 1st and 2nd copy of filled in Admit Card except Roll No, Venue Name and Address (Printout) to be enclosed otherwise the Application form will be rejected.
  2. Photocopy of Admit Card of MP or equivalent or Higher Education
  3. Photocopy of Highest Educational Qualification Certificate/ Marksheet
  4. Copy of Photo Identity proof as mentioned in the Information Brochure
  5. Xerox Copy of 12th RLST(AT), 2011 Admit Card.
  6. Use A-4 size paper and good quality of Printer for printing the online submitted Application form
  7. Demand Draft for General/OBC-A/OBC-B candidates is Rs. 250/- and for SC/ST/PH is Rs. 80/- . The Demand Draft should be in favour of "The West Bengal Central School Service Commission" and payable at Kolkata. Please mention the Demand Draft Number, Date of issue and the Bank name, Branch Details while submitting the Online Application form, failing to which the Application shall summarily be rejected.

Online form fill up Link: http://www.westbengalssc.com/wbssc/tetApplication/

Online form fill up Link: http://www.westbengalssc.com/wbssc/tetApplication/applicationForm/

Assistant Teacher Recruitment

Last Date of TET Form availability and Form Submission has increased (from 8th March 2014) to 11th March 2014. 
Online Form Fill Up Link:
List of Post Office Branches  HERE
For latest updates about WBSSC TET 2014 visit the website www.westbengalssc.org frequently.
 Fresh advertisement for recruitment of assistant teacher under 13th RLST(AT) may be published very soon.  Date of WBSSC Assistant Teacher Recruitment Examination is 9th March 2014.

Visit the website regularly for latest updates.

Official Website of The West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC) is www.westbengalssc.com

WBSSC HELP DESK http://www.wbsschelpdesk.com/support/


It is hereby notified that the next TET examination for Class V to VIII, for pass graduate vacancies will be conducted on 9th March, 2014 by West Bengal Central School Service Commission.
The Brochures, Forms & blank Admit Cards (to be filled in by the candidate concerned) will be available at 847 Post Offices all over the West Bengal. Kindly refer our Website namely www.westbengalssc.com or www.wbsschelpdesk.com for list of Post Offices where Forms & Brochures shall be available for TET applicants only from 30th January, 2014 to 8th February, 2014. Last date of filling application for TET will be 8th February, 2014 upto 5 PM at the respective Post Offices.
However, the Brochures to be sold are purely guideline for the applicants. Hence, the same or any part
thereof shall not be considered as part of prove of evidence at any Hon’ble court having jurisdiction to take cognizance over the issue of selection process conducted by the West Bengal Central School Service Commission.
Only this notice and the Rule & Govt. order relevant to the selection process and criteria thereof may be raised at
competent court for grievance or dispute if any, of person entitled to take resort such course of Law.
1. TET will be conducted by West Bengal Central School Service Commission for the Pass Graduate Teacher strictly following NCTE guideline in this regard and West Bengal School Service Commission Rule, 2007 along with amendment if any, in the said Rule upto 31st  March, 2014.
2. In our Brochures at Part-B (Mode of Selection) it has been mentioned that Hons/PG Teachers, who wish to teach upto Class V to VIII shall have to be TET qualified and also have to sit RLST Examination to be conducted after publication of TET result is subject to modifications as per order of the School Education
Department, Govt. of West Bengal as follows:
a) Only Pass Graduate Teachers for Class V to VIII will be selected through TET as per selection
procedure as stated in the Brochure and also as follows.
Vacancies against Pass Graduate teachers will be selected on the basis of marks distributed as
a. 40% marks obtained from TET out of 150 marks = 60 marks
b. Academic qualification including Professional
qualification or as on last date of Application
30 marks
c. Experience in Teaching 5 marks
d. Personality Test 5 marks

b) However, as per present order of the School Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal all
Hons/PG vacancies remaining with the Central School Service Commission shall be treated as
vacancies for the Class IX to XII classes and those vacancies will be filled up as per following mode
through West Bengal School Service Commission Rule, 2007 including amendment if any, to be made
there on following the present Govt. order in this regard.

Memo. No. 209/5277/CSSC/ESTT/2014 Date: 29-01-2014

Selection Procedure (distribution of marks) for Hons./Post Graduate teachers:
For Hons/PG vacancies minimum qualification as stipulated by NCTE is not mandatory. Hence,
candidates having qualification as per West Bengal School Service Commission Rule 2007 will be
selected as per the mode mentioned in the box below:
a. Subject Test 60 marks
b. Academic qualification including Professional
qualification or as on last date of Application
30 marks
c. Experience in Teaching 5 marks
d. Personality Test 5 marks

This is, however, subject to modification in West Bengal School Service Commission Rule 2007 with
amendment upto the publication of available vacancies considered for next RLST for Assistant Teacher of Hons./PG vacancies for the classes IX to XII to be conducted by West Bengal School Service Commission.
 Date of notice of next i.e. 13th RLST (AT) 2013 may be published by the West Bengal School Service
Commission during the month of April 2014 and selection will be done according to said Rule and Notice to be published as stated above.
Question of 13th RLST (AT) examination may be subjective/objective as per discretion of the Commission or following relevant Govt. Order/Rule.
3. During 30th January, 2014 to 8th February, 2014, candidates who has 50% marks at Graduation or Master Degree level of examination will be allowed to purchase Form & Brochures from Post Offices & to deposit the filled in OMR Form (for TET only) applications at the same Post Office from where the Form were purchased. However, relaxation of @ 5% marks for Reserve categories applicants will be allowed to sit TET examination as per Rule/Tradition in vogue. No candidates shall be allowed to submit filled in OMR Form application in any other Post Offices except the Post Office from where the same were purchased.
4. The candidates who also want to sit for H/PG vacancies through 13th RLST (AT) may appeared for TET along with next 13th RLST (AT) examination as stated earlier for which they have to submit application of RLST provided with the kit of Forms & Brochures to the respective Regional Commission for which they will be interested to apply after publication of Notice of 13th RLST (AT) during the month of April, 2014.
5. The candidates who does not have requisite minimum marks for appearing TET or who only wants to sit for Hons/PG vacancies shall be allowed to purchase Form & Brochures kit from 12th February, 2014 to 25th February, 2014. However, such applicants 13th RLST (AT) will be allowed to submit the application after Public Notice in this regard mentioning vacancies available for each subject, Category & Regional Commission as will be notified in this regard in future.
6. In OMR form of TET it is mentioned that Commerce graduate may apply for Arts. The same is being
modified as follows:
This is however, strictly as per NCTE Guideline-
i) Child Development & Pedagogy (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 Marks
ii) Language I (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 Marks
iii) Language II (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 Marks
iv) (a) For Mathematics and Science teacher : Mathematics and Science - 60 MCQs of 1 mark each
(b) For Social studies teacher : Social Studies - 60 MCQs of 1 mark each
(c) For any other teacher – either 4(a) or 4(b).
Therefore, applicants who are Commerce graduate or graduate of any other stream of education may
prefer either of the combination i.e. Arts and Social Science segment or Science/Technical segment.
7. Fees Structure:-
a) For TET:
i) General/OBC candidates - Rs. 250/-
ii) SC/ST/PH candidates - Rs. 80/-
iii) Candidate not qualified in Part-II at
12th RLST (AT) having minimum
qualification of NCTE guideline - Rs. 00/- (No fees required)

b) For 13th RLST (AT)

i) General/OBC candidates - Rs. 250/-
ii) SC/ST/PH candidates - Rs. 80/-
8. Vacancy
Approximate vacancy for Pass Graduate Teacher (Class V to VIII) 4900 as on date throughout the
state. However, this may increase, as vacancies which will be received by WBCSSC at the time of
publication of result shall also be considered for this TET.

 Subject wise and category wise vacancy of TET is being published at our website along with this
Public Notice.

 RLST vacancies of 13th RLST will be published in the month of April, 2014 at the time of Public
Notice for the same.


শিক্ষক নিয়োগে রাজ্যে এবার দু’টি পৃথক পরীক্ষা৷ ন্যূনতম স্নাতক যোগ্যতায় দেওয়া যাবে টেট৷ অনার্স বা স্নাতকোত্তর যোগ্যতায় আলাদা লিখিত পরীক্ষা৷ পরীক্ষা হবে দু’দিনে৷ এসএসসি টেট হবে ৯ মার্চ৷ ৩০ জানুয়ারি থেকে টেট-এর ফর্ম বিলি ডাকঘর থেকে৷ ৮ ফেব্রুয়ারি ফর্ম তোলা ও জমা দেওয়ার শেষ দিন৷রাজ্যের ৮৪৭টি ডাকঘর থেকে ফর্ম তোলা যাবে৷ নবম থেকে দ্বাদশের জন্য বিষয় ভিত্তিক পরীক্ষা৷ টেট-এর ফল প্রকাশের পর জানানো হবে সেই পরীক্ষার দিন৷ সেই পরীক্ষার জন্য ১২ ফেব্রুয়ারি থেকে ফর্ম তোলা যাবে ফর্ম জমা দেওয়ার শেষ দিন ২৫ ফেব্রুয়ারি। এবার পরীক্ষা বিধিতে এসেছে বদল৷অষ্টম শ্রেণি পর্যন্ত পঠনপাঠনের জন্য নেওয়া হবে টেট৷ টেটে বসার ন্যূনতম শিক্ষাগত যোগ্যতা স্নাতকে ৫০ শতাংশ নম্বর৷ পরীক্ষার পূর্ণমান হবে ১৫০৷তার মধ্যে প্রথম ও দ্বিতীয় ভাষা এবং শিশুমনস্তত্ত্ব থাকবে ৯০ নম্বরের৷ বিজ্ঞান বা কলা বিষয়ে পরীক্ষা হবে বাকি ৬০ নম্বরের৷সমস্ত প্রশ্নপত্রই হবে মাল্টিপল চয়েস পদ্ধতিতে৷ নবম থেকে দ্বাদশ শ্রেণিতে শিক্ষকতার জন্য আরেক পরীক্ষা৷ টেটে না বসেও সরাসরি বসা যাবে এই পরীক্ষায়৷ এই পরীক্ষায় বসার ন্যূনতম যোগ্যতা অনার্স বা স্নাতকোত্তরে ৪০ শতাংশ নম্বর৷ এখানে পরীক্ষা হবে বিষয়ভিত্তিক৷ পরীক্ষার পূর্নমান ৬০৷ প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা পর্যদ ঘোষণা করেছে টেট-র দিন৷ আপাতত শূন্য পদ ২২ হাজার৷ তার ওপর স্কুল সার্ভিস কমিশনের পরীক্ষার শূন্য পদ প্রায় ৩০ হাজার৷ সব মিলিয়ে নিয়োগ বিতর্কের মধ্যেই ফের ৫০ হাজারের বেশি শূন্য পদে শিক্ষক নিয়োগের বার্তা সরকারের৷

Appointment Letter / Joining Letter

Candidates are started receiving Appointment Letters / Joining Letters for recruitment as  Assistant Teachers in various schools.

Letters are received / will be received both from WBSSC and the school selected at the time of counselling.
Teaching is a noble profession. Hope all of you enjoy happy teacher ship and spend good and quality time with students and colleague.

For latest updates follow the blog / website / facebook page.
Best of Luck.

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